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Donating Artifacts


Community members and supporters have donated approximately 48,000 artfacts, photograph and documents that relate to this region's history. While most of the 60,000 cubic feet of climate controlled storage is full, the Services and Facilities Enhancement Project includes plans to create additional space for regional treasures.


Due to current space limitations, the Museum is accepting additional material on a limited basis. Early historic photographs and documents from this region are eagerly sought. Catagories of artifacts currently desired include:

     * Those relating to Fort Walla Walla

     * Other US military items dating from the 1850s to 1910

     * Territorial period items from the region

     * 1910s and earlier men's and children's clothes

     * 19th century women's dresses

     * 1950s and earlier toys


If you have any of the above mentioned items or other material that you believe may interest the Museum, please schedule an appointment with Laura Schulz, collections manager, or James Payne, executive director.


Call 509-525-7703 or email:




Before leaving items at the Museum, please obtain a Deed of Gift form signed by Laura Schulz or James Payne.



Donating treasured family heirlooms to the Museum is a way to preserve them and to share them with others.

Phone (509) 525-7703

Email: info@fortwallawallamuseum.org

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