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The Living History Company at Fort Walla Walla Museum is in its 16th year and is planning another full season for 2015.  Organized in 1998 by Walla Walla city council member Barbara Clark and her husband Dan, the company has grown from about a dozen authentic characters out of 1800's Walla Walla to over fifty.  The goal of the company is to bring to life the static exhibits at the museum with live presentations every week from April through October, telling visitors dramatic stories about the lives of a variety of Walla Wallans and the issues of their day, and allowing them to question the characters about their lives and times.


This year’s schedule continues the company’s tradition of 2 pm presentations every Saturday from April through October, and also on Sundays during the summer months.


During April, presentations will feature Susanne Cayouse Dauphin, a member of the Cayuse Tribe, a town meeting on the sesquicentennial of the creation of Idaho Territory out of the  eastern portions of Walla Walla County, Jewish merchant Sigmund Schwabacher, and New Orleans immigrant Annie Mix.


May presentations include local park builder Charles Phillips, the story of the Daviesite community and the Walla Walla Jesus, pioneer blacksmith Fred Stine, and circuit riding judge William Langford.







April 5  Maria Whitman, homemaker & songster—Barbara Clark

April 12  Charles Phillips, florist, poet & park builder—Dick Phillips

April 19  Ed & Elizabeth  Burlingame, ditch diggers and developers—Tom Williams & Jill Zagelow

April 26    William McBean, Hudson Bay Company trader--Rich Monacelli

May 3  Father James Wilbur, Methodist missionary, church builder, & Indian agent—Chuck Hindman

May 10  Bror Sorenson, the Davies community & the Walla Walla Jesus—Ron Klicker

May 17  Fred Stine, blacksmith and builder—Charles Saranto

May 24  Col. Michael  McCarthy, soldier & militiaman—Bob Bennett

May 31  Town Meeting: 160th Anniversary of the Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1855—Full Company

June 6  Fort Walla Walla Days: William McBean, Hudson Bay Company trader—Rich Monacelli

June 7  Fort Walla Walla Days: Old Time Dancing—E.B. & Maria Whitman

June 13  Suzanne Cayouse Dauphin, Cayuse Tribe, Frenchtown wife—Judy Fortney

June 14  Adventist Pioneers:  Wood & Moorehouse, with Ellen White—Forgey, Wentland, & Ehrhardt

June 20  Josephine Wolfe, pioneer madame—Lois Hahn

June 21  John Abbott, stage coach owner, miner—Rod Hahn

June 27  Eliza Spalding Warren, pioneer  missionary’s daughter & farm wife —Harriet Hart Beach

June 28  Lettice  Milliken Clark Reynolds, pioneer settler and community leader—Linda Hintz

July 4  Sarah Miner, pioneer school teacher—Barbara Daniel

July 5  William Kirkman, cattleman and community leader—Rick Tuttle

*July 11  Samuel Ferris, Lebanese immigrant, cattle buyer—Elias Ferris

July 12  Fr. J.B.A. Brouillet, Catholic missionary—Jeannot Poirot

July 18  Frenchtown Reunion--JBA Brouillet, Louis Tellier, A.D. Pambrun,  Wm.McBean, Sam Black—Jeannot   Poirot, Jean-Paul Grimaud, Sam Pambrun, R. Monacelli, Tom Williams

July 19  Pierre Pambrun, Hudson’s Bay Company chief trader—Sam Pambrun

July 25  Sam Black, Hudson Bay Company farmer—Tom Williams

July 26  TBA

*August 1  Charles Tung, Chinese merchant & interpreter—Galen Tom

August 2  Cushing Eells, Protestant missionary—Rogers Miles

August 8  Fr. Eugene Chirouse, Catholic missionary—Jean-Paul Grimaud

August 9  William Phillips, tinsmith and hardwareman—Dick Phillips

August 15  Miles Moore, Territorial Governor & businessman—Ron Klicker

August 16  Ice Cream Social, Town Meeting: The Role of Women in Public Life—Full Company

August 22  Joseph LaRocque, Frenchtown pioneer—Jehannot Poirot

August 23  Judge William Langford—Don Schacht

August 29  Sarah Miner, pioneer school teacher—Barbara Daniel

August  30  Nelson Blalock, physician, orchardist, public servant—Don Weaver

Sept.6  James McAuliffe, mayor and merchant—Clark Colahan

Sept 13  J.B. Robinson, theater owner & director—Rob McIntyre

Sept 20  Adventist Pioneers:  Wood, Moorehouse, Nichols & Miller—Wentland, Forgey, Vietz &  Bohlman

Sept 27  Charles Besserer, newspaperman—Ron Klicker

Oct. 4  Louis Tellier, Frenchtown pioneer—Jean-Paul Grimaud

Oct.11  Francesco Leonetti, truck gardener, grape-grower and winemaker—Rusty Figgins

Oct. 18  E.B. Whitman, first mayor of Walla Walla—Dan Clark

Oct. 25  Final Day Party—The Full Company


*Performances are subject to change. Please check the museum website prior to your visit to ensure that you have the most up to date schedule.





NOTE: Performances by scheduled reenactors are subject to change due to circumstances beyond the Museum's control.

Community members portray early Walla Walla inhabitants.

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