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Pioneer Settlement

Horse Era Agriculture

Military Exhibits




Impressive new buildings, amazing exhibits, award-winning publications, superlative educational services  — Fort Walla Walla Museum stands at the doorway of an exciting new era. It’s a perfect time to get involved.


From greeting rambunctious children to arranging fragile artifacts, a wide variety of jobs exist to match every talent and interest.


To become part of a great experience, contact Abigail Scholar, program manager, 509-525-7703 or programs@fortwallawallamuseum.org.


You can help by:

* Greeting visitors

* Assisting in the Museum Store

* Giving tours to students and the general public

* Developing school activities and other outreach programs

* Helping to develop, build, and install exhibits

* Cataloging artifacts, books, and historic photographs

* Assisting with clerical duties or serving as a receptionist

* Maintaining Museum grounds and buildings

* Taking photographs

* Conducting research projects

* Assisting archaeology projects

* Helping with sewing and quilting projects

* Taking part in the Living History Company program

* Joining the Oregon Trail Band

* Helping out at events



A volunteer musician plays some tunes on his banjo at one of the recent events at the Museum.

Phone (509) 525-7703

Email: info@fortwallawallamuseum.org

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